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Picture uploads
City & location
Missing messages
Billing & payments
Deleting your account
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Common support questions are answered above and you can be all set within a few seconds.

Picture uploads

The most common picture upload problem is using the wrong file type, we support gif, png and jpeg. We have seen some cases when an email client or Android device will save a file as a png but use the jpeg extension! Try using your camera directly to test everything, you can always remove your picture if you don't like it!

Once it's uploaded use the crop tool to make yourself the main focus. You can use up, down, left, right, zoom in and zoom out. If you have square picture that is already perfect you can press the MAX button!

City & location

When you join Lisa50 we guess your location! We try our best but it's not perfect. You can change it with the city button found on your profile page. There are multiple options for you to pick, best guess, GPS and manual. Each option is explained before you select it but in general GPS is the best.

Missing messages

It's possible that you can get an email or mobile notification of a new message but when you login it's no longer there. This occurs when an account is removed after a message has been sent. It's not possible to un-send an email or notification.

Billing & payments

We have a number of different payment solutions based on your location / device. Each one will have a slightly different method of managing your subscription.

To cancel your subscription with PayPal is fully under your control. Login to your PayPal account, find the subscription and select the cancel option.

To manage your subscription visit, from there you can enter your email and subscription id.

Securion Pay
You can manage a securion subscription from within Lisa50. Use the SETTINGS > SUBSCRIPTION menu.

Apple app store
Subscription options are accessed via your phone/tablets settings menu.

General notes
Your VIP access will remain until the end of the agreement and no further payments will be processed once you have cancelled.

Deleting your account

Within Lisa50 go to SETTING > DELETE ACCOUNT. All account data is erased and cannot be recovered. Note that if you have an active subscription then delete will be blocked until it has expired. This is to ensure you don't delete your account and forget to cancel your subscription and continue to be charged.

Other questions

If your question is not covered here then please contact us. Remove the spaces and the [] from the email address below. We hate bot spam just as much as you do!

c o n t a c t _ u s [@] p l a t f o r m d a t i n g . c o m