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Over 50s dating just became enjoyable

Lisa, 50, has been married, now single, had children, who are now grown up. It’s time to focus on herself. This is her story.

Last Friday evening I started to get ready for a girls night out with my friends, Kim and Michelle. Kim had left her husband at home with a ready meal (curry, it was his favourite when dining alone). Michelle’s partner was away on business, she was divorced like myself, but had since started a relationship with another woman. Although our home lives were very different we looked forward to our Friday nights and had been friends since leaving high school. We knew everything about each other.

We always met in the same place at the same time, 8pm Claverton’s Bar. That’s what it used to be called when we were younger, it has changed hands more times than I can remember. The only thing that was still the same was us! Over the years the conveyor belt of life had been introducing and departing new clientele, as if to keep a cap on the maximum age.

Each time I got ready for our evenings out there was always the thought, ‘may be this is the night I will met my new man’. But every time it never happened. Whenever I brought up the ‘single’ topic, Michelle would get out her phone and open up a popular swiping dating app, a few months ago she signed up. She would then spend the next ten minutes says, ‘What about him?’, ‘Or him’, ‘He’s nice’, ‘Not him’. It was horrendous.

The following Sunday I finally decided to take online dating more seriously and most importantly under my own control. I started to look for sites and apps that were more friendly and only had people of a similar age. I am 50 but I still feel 25, there had to be one for me. I then I found

Why Lisa selected us

Likeminded people
If your story is like Lisa’s then we are the site / app for you. Over 50, but feel twenty five years younger and ready to control of the next stage of your life.

Private and anonymous
Pictures are optional and you can upload and crop a photo to hide your identity if you wish. Location data is approximated and we don’t even ask your date of birth, simply your age. The only true personal information we need is an email address for sign up but you can even use a new address solely for the purpose of online dating.

App and website
There's an app, website and mobile website. However you want to connect you can and you don’t have to stick to one platform.

All genders and sexualities
Male, female, transgender, straight, bi, gay or lesbian. If you’re over 50 you're welcome.

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This story and the character, Lisa 50 is fictional.